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edemocracy - the undiscovered country
Documentation of the final prototype

The Undiscovered Country is a converged visualisation and authoring tool that demonstrates the popularity or relationship of individual issues, in a constituent or participant defined political environment.

It was created to explain and explore research undergone into alternative and perhaps improved methods of operating a democracy of any scale using communications technology, in this case the web.

It's primary aim was to create an interface that incorporated a visualisation that stimulated, and sometimes drove, conversation. In addition to providing tools for measuring democratic interactions that are seldom allowed for by the western democratic election as it is now experienced.

The aggregation aims to illustrate how emergent democratic trends could perhaps be harnessed and help create citizen, or participant, driven "issue constituencies."

The visualisation also categorises where and when particular causes of concern occurred, cataloguing the democratic ebb and flow, indicating when an issue was first described and eventually how it was dealt with. all aspects of government that are typically lost to arcane and inaccessible archives.

The Undiscovered Country prototype is currently available for anyone to register, vote, contribute opinions and add any topic to the interface (and ultimately the debate) as they wish too. It should be noted that voting and features such as "Where you are" require log-in to become activated.
Project description
Supporting presentation
Prototype Quicktimes

Prototype Interactions
Search & Browse
Add a New Issue
Searching At Issue Level
edemocracy Basic Interface
This is the screen first seen once the application has loaded. Issues are spread between policy area [x-axis] and communal scale [y-axis.] As the visualisation advances, votes are translated visually by scaling an issue on it's point of origin. Votes are also made visible by red, green and orange indicators. Likewise, as the conversation progresses, the columns of text flow down the screen.
edemocracy Voting
This screen shows how issues appear after selection. The votes are revealed on the lower left, the tags, which help to situate the issue in the aggregation screen, are at the top right.
edemocracy Add New Issue
How the opinion trail is selected and navigated.
edemocracy Issue Navigation
When at the aggregation, or zoomed out, level the overall issue field can be ungainly to navigate. This screen shows a search and browse feature to the lefthand side of the selected issue.
edemocracy Opinions
How the opinion trail is selected and navigated.
edemocracy Where You Are & Where We Were
In an issue based democracy, it may be interesting to keep track of where you are in relation to the entire community . . in effect showing you or your group may want to concentrate further communal lobbying efforts. this feature plots where you have voted or contributed opinion.


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Visit and contribute to the operational prototype at
Flash & Backend by David Colquhoun
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