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more politically
than geneva

as i was starting to create this typeface i was in a militant mood. about, of all things, typefaces that are named after cities and the political effect of that idea on the end user.

i thought it only fair that typeface names should reflect our interglobal society as well as the fact that apple would come take a byte out of me if i developed another typeface called “New York

in the elapsed time between starting and finishing this typeface the name (and it's contemporary technological aesthetic) became more relevant.

we love industry
globalisation is coming home to roost. there is a lot of talk in the media regarding the outsorcing of software and service related jobs being shifted to India.

it will be an election year issue this year in the US, but i must admit surprise that it has taken this long for the issue to come about. bits need no passports.

as a large country with a well educated populace not to mention having the english language to help hold it altogether, is one of the better residues left over from british colonisation.
i have to be completely honest, if any worker in the west complains about their job heading to the sub continent then they’re either not flexible enough or they’re not good enough.

and to those IT workers in Mumbai, Chennai etc, i take my hat off to them. if the company that employs them (wether they be local or multinational) determine that their work is the most cost effective and amoungst the best in the world, then they deserve to have their local economy and society enriched by globalisation.
as a possible user of their service, it certainly doesn’t bother me if my bank manager happens to be in another time zone. anything to avoid the dreaded: “Your call _is_ Important to us. Please Hold…”
afterall, if call centers & C++ are moving to mumbai, perhaps the typography should as well.

before this typeface took on a political air, simply by what i chose to name it, it started as a typeface developed for a phographer friend of mine for his new identity.

it was based in part on the etched typography that you can find on the barrels of lenses on most pre digital SLRs
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