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empire headline
empire is an appropriated typeface. it was sourced from a map of London, printed in 1935.

the letterpress map used that quintessential english typeface; Gill Sans. In the map it was specc'ed at <10pt, thus the dilapidated appearance in this redraw.

this typeface was originally named “empire”, as an historical allusion to the once great British Empire. it unfortunatly remains a contemporary commentary on the tired state of affairs in the UK political system.
much like when Gill Sans is overused in corporate identity schemes as a ubiquitous signifier of classical (or 'good') typography . . It starts to look a little tired.

with a little time, i’ll make the Hutton Report available set in “empire”. i think that this typeface was meant for that one application.

empire is used in the title sequence of “reactions”.
empire full set empire alt characters
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