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what on earth is “biomorphic type”?!
it is a concept that challenges the traditional expectations of typography that says it is a static passive communication form, with little or no feed back to the reader aside from the mental images transmitted throught the very act of reading.
a sequence of postscript data was hooked up to a input device that measured: heartrate, breathing, viscosity of the eye, brain activity and muscle activity. the out put information from these sesors then controlled the activity and resting state of the typeface being manipulated.

there is simply too much content, research, and sketches for this page to reproduce the interest and experience generated by this project.
project logotype
this project was first presented at the profile intermedia conference in bremen germany.

the resulting interest helped lead to the production of a limited edition print that helped explain and further visualise the project. you can see that here.
a research visualisation is available here [flash required]

biomorphic type™ and “excretia” are concepts and part of academic research completed and originated by professor diane gromala ©1999-2004.

design, typesetting, visualisation and animation completed by tristam sparks, 1999 - 2002
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