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ikons on ikono brochure cover
brochure cover
brochure cover
brochure cover
Ikons Auf Ikono
in 2001, Zanders commissioned Prof. Peter Rea to gather some of the finest graphic designers in the world to produce one off special prints to display the qualities of their ikono range of papers.

for some unknown reason, he invited Professor Gromala to submit work. she is infamous for not using paper at all.

…we then decided that i should design it using the source material from the project itself. which was a good thing, as there wasn’t much else.

the project was interesting in the fact that there was little material or ideas that could be sourced in the traditional method of graphic design.
in fact the only material available, was the copy written that i had written in conjunction Prof. Rea, as well as some visualisations i had produced earlier for Prof. Gromala.

all of which were designed for screen. not a 800mm wide, 600 dpi print…
Curation & copywriting: Prof. Peter Rea. Project management, identity control, PR & print production by: Schindler, Parent & Cie. commissioned by: Zanders.

© Zanders AG, 2001
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