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Ivan Allen College
education is big business in the United States. the competition for new students at Georgia Tech reflects this.

these brochures were developed to encourage students, at the national level, to think of GaTech in a different way.
it is not widely known that the university, through the Ivan Allen College, makes a liberal education available to those who wish to learn about fields that covers a diverse range that lies between information design & technology through to international affairs.

one brochure was produced for each unit of Ivan Allen College. it was deemed necessary to develop an overall identity, but to signify the inheirent difference from school to school.
this was done simply by cleaning up their current use of romanesque typography and employing the vast array of photographic material availble to the school itself.

to underline this relationship and to save on printing costs a two color scheme was developed for each brochure set.
photography: Robert Hill & Tristam Sparks. client: Ivan Allen College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
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