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in this section you will find the work that i have completed in the video medium. most of this work, presented here at least, has been completed in the offline environment.

my career started with a blind obedience to the intricacies and idiosyncrasies involved in the small profession of typography and as i progressed in to the art of motion design and video, it was natural that i combined it with and built upon this foundation.

i endeavor to make the two mutually beneficial to one another.

i feel that my best work in this medium, is produced as a combination of the two. and recognition of this work from within the industry has served to strengthen that idea.

the basic nuances of clear and concise typographic design are only furthered by applying the spacial and temporal dimensions to them.
but it has the attraction of being able to deliver an appropriate ratio of information in line with the aesthetic to an audience depending on the time you are willing to give them.

like my work in photography, my video work prefers to portray the world as as it is. although you will discover 3 elements that rely on pure information delivery and animation alone.
the balance that i seek to acheive within my motion work is best illustrated by the certain typefaces that i am able to design specifically for integrating them in the offline motion media.

…all pretense aside… the undeniable satisfaction i gain from film making and motion design, is being able to sit within an audience and see their reactions to something that is simply beautiful…
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