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Black Grace
after the sucess of  The Riot of Spring , the NZSO approached Saatchi & Saatchi to produce a "sequel", that would be widely seen.

result is a 30 second tv commercial, promoting a series of concerts aimed at attracting those who would not normally patron the Symphony.
the concerts were also unusual, in that they involved interactions between a dance troop, called Black Grace, and the orchestra. this resulted in the concept and aesthetic that we chose for this commercial. it involves a mixture of live action and typographic animation. the dancers are shown to "physically" interact with the music. and vice-versa.

a quicktime of “Black Grace” is available on this page.
art direction: Len Cheeseman & Hayden Dougherty. animation & design: Myself & Jason Bowden.

this tv advertisement has been awarded a NYTDC Certificate of excellence. inclusion in Typography 22.
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