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Dancing with the Virtual Dervish

A PR video for an VR art work first produced in 1992. As a record and promotional piece, This video (which i originally produced in 1999) was redesigned for the NYMOMA archives in 2002.
The script reads…

Virtual Bodies: Dancing with the Virtual Dervish; A work in immersive virtual reality / Virtual Bodies explores the limits of disembodiment: Jouissance, Ectasy, Narcotics: “Body & Self” / and the incommensurabilty of pain…
move ur eyes

Users navigate through three dimensional stereoscopic views / Bodily sensations are provoked through the proprioceptive sense / The body responds to the user by decaying & reforming.
reel credits: “Dancing with the Virtual Dervish.” concept: Diane Gromala & Yacov Sharir. programmers: Chris Shaw, John Harrison, Glen Frazer.
music: performance: Russell Pinkston. showreel: Fion design & production: Tristam Sparks.
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