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upgrading instant soup
splashscreenDesign, concept & implementation by:

Ana-Camila Amorim
, Dave Chiu,
Dana Gordon, David Mellis &
Tristam Sparks
slice carrots!A simple but fast moving video game that involves real world interaction metaphores. The player stands over the board and cuts virtual vegetables with a knife outfitted with a accelerometer and connected to a wiring microprocessor board.

The game play is simple: use the correct knife techniques (different per vegetable) to chop the ingredients as they appear on the cutting board. The score is recorded when the pieces are swept into the pot. 

dice potatoes!Instant soup is a learning initiative by Yaniv Steiner, resident faculty at IDII. it combines premade programming and electronic recipes that only need to be as understood as much as a designer requires.

Its initial educational value is bringing together the dynamism and graphic power of flash with physical electronic devices driven by the wiring programming language

cook it with wiringThe above implementation was the final assignment for first year physical computing and complemented our “play experience” workshop.

This lead to the creation of xBlocks, another mixed reality video game.

Find out more about Instant Soup here. 

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