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xBlocks – Where Physical & Virtual play affect each other.

When is a video game better than a video game? When the experience involves concurrent interactions in realspace.

The images that you see on this page are from a second iteration prototype produced for the concept created at IDII last year. This prototype was exhibited during Salone del Mobile.

Before the xBlocks concept was finalised, Victor and I were both interested in the aspect of how imagination might cross over into realspace and affect traditional play.
This obviously has the effect of turning the passive relationship between player and screen on its head . . hunting down your character and moving around the gamespace becomes very much a part of the experience.

xBlocks version 2 is a full spec platform game with a twist: the game space is three dimensional, a mixed reality environment more often seen in computer science experimentation than video gaming.

In a different medium, the xBlocks identity and print collateral »
xblocks walkxblocks runxblocks climb
In addition to navigating themselves in and around the game surface, a challenge in itself when the two players are exploring and navigating the 3D maze, they must best use the options available to them in the videogame.

xblocks change speedxblocks one wayxblocks easter egg
Red vs Blue
For version 2, the aim of the 2 player game was quite simple: to capture your opponents start cube, whilst avoiding or eliminating monsters and your opponent.
xBlocks now has its own website. Visit it at

pdf file downloads
Version 2.0 xBlocks info sheet [128kb]

Thumbnails of currently available imagery can be found here.

Patent Pending © 2006 Tristam Sparks & Victor Szilagyi

xBlocks was the product of the Mattel Design Summit 2005: a workshop held at Interaction Ivrea led by Jan-Christoph Zoels

version 2 was made possible by the code tutorials by tonypa.
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