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when Interaction Ivrea was moved to Milan, as a group, we had a small communications problem that needed to be clarified to the rest of the design world.

IDII was still very much alive, kicking and continuing the work that it had been doing in Ivrea.
Associate Academic Director, Neil Churcher, set us on the path of making a fully contained microsite that exploited the publication of our thesis years normal and extra cirricular activites.

This placement into one location, pulls work together from throughout the diverse and ecclectic legacy website. In addition to demonstrating that the IDII spirit lives on.

Although in a different location.
email Miss Rose for more IDII [in Milano] information. see the site:
Interaction Ivrea in Milan

Design: Tristam Sparks & Didier Hilhorst, Backend: Nicholas Zambetti, Copy: Dave Chiu & Alie Rose, Photo Editor: Aram Armstrong, Producer: Victor Szilagyi
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