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A 30 second TV commercial that goes some way to illustrate what interaction design is, and what it can do. This project was both a warm up exercise and our introduction to working with each other at interaction ivrea.

The Idea
after a 2 day brainstorm, the four of us finally hit upon an idea to film a world without interfaces. Perhaps envisaging how difficult that place might be to interact with. especially when it is considered that much of our daily existance is far removed from basic, deviceless interaction…

one shoot
We’ve got to a point where our infosphere is our only interaction to any environment. Aside from our human pretensions, everything else is secondary. What would happen if we removed that boundary?

many directors

The above file is 3Mb

A concept & short film by:
Didier Hilhorst, Tristam Sparks, Victor Szilagyi & Nick Zambetti 
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