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an operating system for civic information exchange
Service Design
is the combination of technological opportunities, social observation [and reaction to it] and the realisation that one affects the other.

In a society that is becoming more and more reliant on commerce for achieving personal and social satisfaction, the design of services is becoming next wave of economic advance.

People don’t necessarily have to own “anything” anymore, but they should feel that their experience is their own.

That a celphone, for example, is attractive and useful is obviously important, but what people really become enabled by is the experience that this device offers them.

Beyond improving and facilitating capitalism, Service design is the facillitation of information flow, and could well provide some much needed attention to our public sectors and the citizens participation within.
The Ivrea Public Library as The Library as a Civic Hub
A modern library must be flexible, yet reflexive. In this project, it should reflect its local community whilst attracting them to engage in new experiences, knowledge and information.

In this example, I concentrated on the city of Ivrea, as the redesign of their library is an ongoing, actual project.

My goal was to transform the definition of the library: provide facilitation & display of civic information exchange thus becoming part of its traditional activities & resources.

And perhaps more importantly, considering my recent thinking, provides a method that incorporates and publishes local knowledge into a situation beyond the typical “one person - one computer - one demand” paradigm.
Proposals for examination:
 An information hierarchy that develops connections between individuals, sub cultures and information within the community.

  New proposals for how information might be interacted with. In a communal personal sense, within the library itself and through localised, mediated, touchpoints.

  A service model that does not need to rely on economic disincentive or incentive programs.

  A community centre role within the overall system. That allows for F2F knowledge dissemination, external and self empowerment training…

 The stimulation of democratic processes and participation in kind.   
“What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 1943

Big Grazie to Marcos Weskamp for helping me make the live demo and prototype happen.

In part this project inspired my thesis project. here »

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proposal & mission [870k]

produced for the class “Service Design – “Zoom In Zoom Out” with professors: Simona Maschi, Neil Churcher & Jan-Christoph Zoels
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