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interaction design institute ivrea
I am a recent graduate student from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

My interests lie in GUI design, graphic and experience design, and media theory.

This is my portfolio of projects completed at Interaction Ivrea. The work is presented here as personal and professional documentation of process & completed ideas. All work is copyright 2006.
Thesis Project.
My thesis is entitled “The Undiscovered Country – Enabling Democracy through Interaction Design.”

The Beta version of my thesis project has gone live. Experience emergent democracy at

An introduction to this project can be found here.
Year One at IDII was about experimenting within a wide swarth of ideas…

Physical Computing:
 digitall electronic prototype

Experience design:
 the library as civic hub

GUI & Application design:
 touring turing

 upgrading instant soup
 autopoetic calendar
 sans interface
 hack the hand

“NO! Don’t press THAT button!” Forza IDII

“Oh! Look! Moles!
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