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A Haiku for Stellarc
I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of cyborg and cybernetic technology and its potential for advancing humanities interaction with each other and with information representation in virtual space. The OS as pure GUI should be redundant. 
For the introduction to physical electronics, we were tasked with the simple exercise of pulling devices apart and repurposing, or “hacking,” them. giving them new life.

In this case, the poor unfortunate victim was a keyboard. the intent of the exercise: introduce a new physical interface for commanding a USB enabled machine. 
The prototyped device illustrated here comprises of the master chip from the original keyboard, a wrist strap, extra wiring and some imaginative use of steel gauze netting and plastic wiro binding.

The output was a simply making text appear on screen, or having the computer respond to it’s in built “key” commands.
The other interesting point about this piece, regardless of its lo-fi output was its affect on people.
Regardless of a wearables utility, people are impressed by technological adornment or augmentation of the human being.

The next time you see a USB key around another's neck, ask: is it jewellery? Technology? Both? What if the utility of the device could be harnessed without having to be removed from its host?
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