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steven makes a good call
Heather Martin decided that the Strangely Familiar experiment was successful enough to carry an exhibition in its own right.

Continuing from where I left off with the original prototype from the fall semester, Andreea Chelaru and I took the concept, virtually unchanged and went about creating an example that would enable people to experience the idea in a real context. 

The “Towers of Babble,” were hacked cordless phones. Each pair representing a channel that could be left on or switched off so that a conversation could be concentrated upon.

The main task with the design of the objects became the configuration between freshly amplified handsets and the microphone which the unit had to incorporate. The minimum distances came to give the dimensions of the units.
As with the original prototype, the main console or cluster of units that demonstrated the “audioscape” effect was controlled by the wiring board.

Touch sensors on the front of the unit cut the audio signal between the amplifier and phone circuitry. This enabled host units and 3 separate channels that could be then linked to sentinel devices installed around the gallery space.

The switching enabled the audioscape of the space to be broadcast or the user could concentrate on as many individual channels as they felt was appropriate or necessary.
concept & execution
Andreea Chelaru & Tristam Sparks with ana camila amorim

“is anyone home?”
“is anyone home?”
picture by nathan waterhouse.

produced for the Applied Dream – ‘Strangely Familiar’ with professors: Heather Martin, Massimo Banzi & Dario Buzzini
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