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digitall - on the lines
The purpose of this class, was to deconstruct and then redesign an object already in wide use.

Ana Camila and I were given the task of redesigning the phone. infact it almost became our mission to, if not reinvent the medium, then at least to give people a reason to have a landline in their house.

Our original criticism of the phone, aside from it’s lo-fi interface and functionality, centred around the fact that the phone leaves little room for human interaction as conversation in passing. There is no communal sense.
construction sketch
Our process took us to a point where we had the phone as an installation of multiple standalone units.

All representative of the individual that we wished to contact – doing away with the multiple processes in the task of calling someone via touchpad and handset.

The icon/touchpad was also envisaged to be the speaker… thereby after arrangement of each individual unit, creating a unique audioscape of friends, family and associates.

The “digitall” provides an always on link to that individual that you can then disable or concentrate on.

There are three audio communication types made available with this device:

1. Broadcast Public
2. Selected chat
3. One to select or one to one personal conversation.

this final aspect is supplied by the “orb.”  
concept & execution
Ana Camila Amorim & Tristam Sparks

pdf file downloads
interim presentation [6.2mb]

Produced for the class “An Introduction to Physical Computing – ‘Strangely Familiar’” with professors: Heather Martin, Reto Wettach, Massimo Banzi & Yaniv Steiner

The prototype was completed to another level of detail in the following semester for the applied dream: “Strangely Familiar.” See how the concept evolved ».
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