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self conscious buildings
“We Are Here, You Are There” – The Process is the Calendar

This calendar is the integration of information concerning:

The gap between idealism & reality of time management
Undetermined & determined activity

dynamic calendar

Global audiences, targeted audiences, personnel groups and individuals
The economic & flexible use of space
& of course: the allotment of time.

embodied temporal decay
Process orientated inclusive calendar

1/4 “Post It!”
2/4 The Self Conscious Building
3/4 Multiple level, Relative scale Broadcasting
4/4 The Sentinel [Every Calendar has an end]

self-conscious buildings
pdf file downloads
final presentation [450kb]

you are here, you could be...
Produced for the Applied Dream: “The Institutional Calendar & Keyhole” with professors: Neil Churcher & Ré Dubthaigh

communal time
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